Top 5 Microsoft Outlook Common Errors and Their Solutions

Microsoft Outlook is the standard email application in the business world. Generally speaking, it works like a champion. But, sometimes it goes down in a ball of flames. However, MS Outlook has many precocious features, on the other hand, it has some serious drawbacks. Being an Outlook user, it is very common to experience several errors. To resolve these Outlook errors, a user must have information regarding the causes of the concerned problem in Outlook. Therefore, in this write-up, we are going to tell you top 5 Microsoft Outlook common errors and their solutions. You will also know the reasons behind these common Outlook errors through this article.

Why PST File Gets Corrupted – 5 Reason and their Solution

Let’s see top 5 Outlook most common error and their solution due to which PST file gets corrupted with proper explanation.

Problem 1: Outlook is too Sluggish

  • Reason: It is the most common Outlook error. As the day passed, Outlook becomes slow because of the large amount of emails, notes, calendar entries, attachments etc. saved in the application.


  • To resolve this problem, you need to remove some PST files that are causing the Outlook to bloat up. For this, search out the “Larger Than 100 Kb” folder, it contains emails that are larger than 100 Kb.
  • You can also delete all unwanted old emails especially the one that has bulky attachments. If you need these attachments, then you have an option to save it to the disk. Also, delete all other unwanted emails & clear out the Trash folder.
  • Another thing that could do is Archiving. You can archive your emails by year for saving a large amount of data to disk relieving the PST of its burden.

Problem 2: Outlook Crashes Unexpectedly

  • Reason: Many people use Outlook add-ins to make things easier. But, a few add-ins have bugs and many are poorly written. When any of the add-ins corrupt, then it can cause Outlook to crash without warning.


  • The first solution is here to find out the add-ins, which are causing a problem. For this, start the Outlook program in safe mode and analyze it’s working. If it performs better, that means problem the lies elsewhere. However, if it does perform well, then, go to the Outlook’s Trust center & disable the suspected add-ins. Then, you can restart the Outlook normally.

Problem 3: Outlook PST File is Not a Personal Folder File Error

  • Reason: The error message arises because of corruption in PST file and sudden shut down of the system. If your PST file is marked as “Read-only” attribute or saved in CD/DVD, then this error will appear


  • To fix Common Outlook error message, first, you have to move your Outlook PST file from the CD or DVD to the local hard drive. It is suggested to create a sub-folder and put those PST files in this sub-folder. After doing this, uncheck the attribute “Read Only”. To do so:
    Right-click on the PST File >> Go to the Properties >> uncheck the Read Only option.

Problem 4: MS Outlook Gets Freeze or Hang

  • Reason: Sometimes, Outlook gets freeze or hang because of a large mailbox, corrupted Outlook data file, when Outlook is in use by another process, Enabling of Add-Ins in access, etc.


  • The best solution which most of the time works is removing Outlook from Task Manager. For doing this, perform the following steps:
    First, press Ctrl + Shift + Delete key together >> Go to the Task Manager >> Select Microsoft Outlook program >> click on End Task button.

Problem 5: Cannot Start Microsoft Outlook

  • Reason: According to the Microsoft, the main reason for this Outlook error is corrupted Navigation pane settings file i.e. profile name.xml. Basically, the profile name.xml indicates that the file is corrupted when the size of the file becomes 0 KB. If Outlook is running in compatibility mode, then this error may also come up.

To resolve Outlook PST file error, start the Outlook program in safe mode, perform these steps:

  • First, press Start Key + R >> Type “outlook.exe/safe” in run dialog box.
  • If Microsoft Outlook opens in safe mode, then remove add-ins by following this:
    Click on the File tab >> Options >> Add-Ins >> Select Com Add-ins & click on the Go option >> Clear all check boxes in the list and click on the OK button >> Finally, restart the Outlook program.

An Alternate All in One Solution to Fix Outlook Common Errors

MS Outlook is one of the most important communications application for businesses. When it stops working, users start to get nervous. Thus, in this post, we discussed the top 5 Microsoft Outlook common errors and their solutions. But, these manual solutions are efficient for only the minor corruption. In case, if a user faces severe problem then, it is advised to use an alternate solution which named as Outlook Recovery Tool. This software is able to resolve all types of Outlook errors within few minutes. Also, this utility is compatible to work with the latest Outlook versions such as 2016, 2013, 2010, 2007, and all lower versions.

Summing Up

After all these discussions, we can conclude that the best way to resolve Outlook common errors is to use PST file Recovery tool. It is very easy to use and recommended by many data recovery experts.

Ashish Ratan Singh

Being a technical blogger, Mr. Ashish Ratan Singh has a sufficient knowledge of different technologies such as Exchange Server, Office 365, SharePoint, but his core expertise lies on Microsoft Outlook. He has been working in an IT industry for more than 3 years and with all these years, he has now become an expert in data recovery and cloud backup. Moreover, he has a keen interest in solving the technical problems and to address the pain points of organizations to make them more productive.

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